The use of ICT, specially iPads/Tablets will allow as to introduce new an innovative teaching methods focused on student-centred and problem-based active learning. The use of ICT will increase the quality and relevane of the education we offer to the students and their families.


Provide students and teachers with opportunities to work collaboratively within the teaching and learning environment, producing immediate and long-term perspective of lifelong learning.

Improve teachers methodology related to scientific competence.

Enrich and improve the scientific, technological and mathematical work of pupils across the whole partnership

Plan, implement and monitor activities in collaboration with partners, to improve teamwork skills of teachers.

Encourage and develop the use of information technology and communication skills, both for teachers and students.

Improve English skills and fluency of everyone.

To feel more confortable with science subjects and to feel confident to continue/choose studies related to science (students).

Increase awareness of the european dimension of the project, and to feel more european citizens.