Colegio JABY SL (Spain)

The JABY School is a concerted, mixed and secular school founded in 1967. It´s located in the centre of Torrejón de Ardoz, nearby Madrid. 

The school has Early Childhood Education , Primary Education, Secondary Education, Basic and Intermediate Vocational Training. It offers an integral, technical, humanistic and social personalized education, based on respect, responsibility and culture of effort in order to give Academic Excellence. 

It has about 550 students . In the last four years we have started an important project of methodological , organizational and technological transformation, to improve the quality of the education we offer to our students, according to the characteristics and needs of today's society.

Reha Midilli Ilkokulu (Turkey)

Our school is a primary school and it takes place in the center of Foça, which is 70 kms to İzmir. There are 19 teachers and 265 students in our school. Since the first year our school started its education, we have served as a model in Foça in terms of necessities of comtemprary education, providing appropriate environment for education, methods, defining standarts of method process and conducting them.  

Our first goal is to raise individuals who are respectful to their environment. To add, we also have students who use transportation to get the school from villages. 

All of the classrooms are equipped with projectors and soon smart boards as a part of "Fatih Project''.

St. Sylvester's Infant School (Ireland)

St. Sylvester's Infant School is a co-ed primary school that caters for junior infants to first class (four years to seven years old). Due to the young age of our pupils, we consider ourselves to be experts in early education and we recruit staff with the ability to present the primary school curriculum in an age-appropriate way. We encourage the cross-curricular integration of all subjects, particularly through the use of play and tehnology. 

 We have fifteen classes of approximately thirty pupils in each (total 450 pupils in the school). We have mainstream teachers for each of these classes. Additionally, we have resource teachers for children with special needs, learning support teachers for children with literacy and numeracy difficulties, and a language support teacher for our international pupils.

St. Sylvester's is located in Malahide, Co. Dublin. Malahide is a middle-class area, and the vast majority of our pupils come from a middle-class background. Thus, parents are actively involved in the running of our school and in the successful promotion of initiatives such as Erasmus+. Pupil attainments in literacy and numeracy tend to be high, and overall interest in education is high also.

Szkola Podstawowa im. M. Kopernika w Czaslawiu (Poland)

Our school is located in a small village Czaslaw in the southern Poland. We are small village school with children aged 6- 12. Four years age our school was almost closed by authorities, since then it has been led by Stowarzyszenie Integracji, Rozwiju I Promocji Wsi Czasław. During this four years we became one of the most modern and creative school in the neighbourhood. 

 We are hold up as a model of creative school in our region. We want to support and offer new challenges for increasing the effectiveness of teaching and to show them how to spend time in the courtyard of the school effectively and creatively. 

Joining in a multilateral partnership we want to open new possibilities for our children to feel as a part of a common Europe and to open their minds for people around as well as understanding cultural and social differences and similarities.

Kälviän Kirkonkylän koulu (Finland)

Kälviän Kirkonkylän koulu is a small sized (137 pupils) primary school in a rural area near the town of Kokkola. Pupils are between 7-13 yars old. We have eight teachers; six for common classes and two teachers for children in special needs. Kälviän Kirkonkylän koulu is specialized in students with special learning problems.

Children with learning problems are integrated in ordinary classes with a school assistant or a special teacher. The main idea of hole this is to give those pupils as much education as possible with children of same age. In that way they feel themselves as a part of the group with students in the same age. This is to prevent social exclusion for pupils with special learning problems.They will study as less as possible in a special group. They use tablets as well as other students.